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Necrosadistic Goat Torture - Death Metal from London, UK

Spirit Disease - Finnish Extreme Metal (Tuberculosis' other band)

Nowen - Finnish Thrash/Death Metal (Kusmar's other band) - A gig review (Finnish language)

Finnish Speed/Thrash Metal Special pt.2 - article incl. Witheria.

Possessed mag. - an interview with Tuberculosis

Diabolic Degree - Witheria's Asian webpage!!!

Causemos - Finnish space/death/fusion Metal

Warhorn - Finnish Black War Metal

Atakhama - Finnish Death Metal

Codeon - Finnish Thrash/Death

Soulcage - Finnish Fellows of Progressive Heavy/Rökk

Bloodride - Finnish Thrash Metal

Nerlich - Finnish Death Metal

Carneous - Swedish Finlandia Vodka Metal

Stalker Music - Finnish Metal media

Imperiumi - Finnish Metal media

Metal Archives - A Metal database with a Witheria devoted page. Thanks DBK!