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Infinite Recollection
Album, 2017
Label: Twisted Face

1. UCB
2. Paradox of Hope
3. Interstellar Lessons Received in a Dream
4. Infinite Velocity
5. Isolation
6. Ultimate Extinction of the Form
7. Within the Multitude of Slave Brains
8. Cracks in the Fabric of Illusions

Total Running time: 52:53

Drums recorded at Deep Noise Studios, Kouvola by Juho Räihä 16/09/2016-17/09/2016. Guitars, bass and synth recorded at Kusmar’s Garage, Mustio by Markus 09/2016. Vocals recorded at SoundSpiral Audio, Kouvola by Juho ‘one more time’ Räihä 1/10/2016. Mixed and mastered by Juho Räihä at SoundSpiral Audio 10/2016. Produced by Witheria
Released 2.6.2017.

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Devastating Return
Album, 2014
Label: Violent Journey Records

1. Mind Compressor
2. Passenger Of Thought
3. Burnt To Ashes
4. Raft Of Desolation
5. Some Wounds Will Not Heal
6. Thrown Down The Well
7. Toxic And Aggressive Growth
8. Back On Earth

Total Running time: 41:57

Recorded, mixed and mastered in September-October 2013 at Soundspiral Audio by Juho Räihä
Produced by Witheria
Released 31.5.2014.

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Vanishing Order
Album, 2011
Label: Violent Journey Records

1. A.T.D.B.T.S.
2. Obscene Desecrator
3. The Abyss Within
4. The Final Hour
5. The Nameless Beast
6. Perished in Torment
7. Bringer of Chaos
8. Fire in Black
9. Timeless

Total Running time: 45:35

Recorded, mixed and mastered in July 2010 at D-Studio
by Jarno Hänninen
Produced by Witheria
Released 2.3.2011.

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The Omega Order (USA/Canada)
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Century Media (Ger/USA)

Painful Escape
Album, 2009
Label: Stay Heavy Records

1. Legions of Evil
2. Raining Steel
3. The Solitarium
4. Hate is All You Need
5. Escaped in Blood
6. Sphere of Death
7. Tortured Spawn
8. Altered Mind
9. Reflections

Total Running time: 49:00

Recorded and mixed in June 2007 at Jive Studio
Produced by Witheria
Mixed and engineered by Jukka Varmo
Mastered by Turkka Holmqvist in July 2007
Released 11.2.2009. Distributed by EMI.

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Infernal Maze
Album, 2006.
Label: Twisted Face

1. The Disillusion
2. Hypnotic Massacre
3. Thrash the Place [mp3]
4. Mental Sadist
5. Hell is What You Deserve
6. Purification
7. Spiral of Madness [mp3]
8. Fire and Pain

Total Running time: 45:21

Recorded and mixed by Jukka Varmo at Jive Studio, August 2005. Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers 30.9.2005.
Bass played by Skeletor.
Released 8.8.2006 by Twisted Face.

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