Biography !


Witheria was formed in Espoo, Finland in early 2000. Quickly the band acquired some recognition within the scene with their relentless and aggressive thrash metal. They released five demos and played gigs around southern Finland, and in 2005 Witheria’s debut album ‘Infernal Maze’ was recorded. ‘Infernal Maze’ already showed signs of complexity in the song structures, as well as many different influences merged into a brutal but melodic blend of thrash metal. The album was released next year and supported by gigs in Finland.

In 2007, ‘Painful Escape’ was recorded and further developed Witheria’s unique style of technical, or “epic thrash metal”, as their music was labeled by one magazine. The album was released during the Finnish Metal Expo in early 2009, where Witheria also appeared signing and greeting fans. Around this time, the band also played their first gig outside of Finland, in London.

3rd album ‘Vanishing Order’ was recorded in 2010, and this time both the sound and song writing were improved. The members had been playing in other bands too at this point, and it clearly showed. Album release was once again followed by touring around Finland. 4th album ‘Devastating Return’ was recorded in 2013 at the SoundSpiral audio to be released the next year. It was a dive even deeper into the epic songs and unconventional ideas. Even more different elements were incorporated within the songs, still being distinctively ‘Witheria’, with their own sound very prominent at this point. The band went to another journey abroad, and played in Dublin as a headliner, also appearing on a national radio show to promote their latest effort and the show.

The 5th album titled ‘Infinite Recollection’ was recorded once again at SoundSpiral Audio, Kouvola, Finland with Juho Räihä (Gloria Morti, Wolfheart, Before the Dawn). This concept album is the most complete and professional offering to date, showing extraordinary lead guitar work, intense and diverse vocals, and catchy, yet extremely progressive songs. The cover artwork has been hand painted by J. Riikonen to accompany the sci-fi theme that runs through the album.


Tuberculosis – Vocals
Markus Taipale – Guitars
Max Pekkonen – Bass
Rob Diver – Drums


Infernal Maze (2006) Twisted Face
Painful Escape (2009) Stay Heavy Records
Vanishing Order (2011) Violent Journey Records
Devastating Return (2014) Violent Journey Records
Infinite Recollection (2017) Twisted Face


Fallout (2000)
Demo 02 (2002)
Pureditself (2003)
Promo 04 (2004)
Spiral of Madness (2005)

Trivia: The band changed their name from Fallout to Witheria in 2001.