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Welcome to the Official Webpage of Witheria!


Some news:

A lot of new material has been written for the next album. Seven songs are now mostly done, music wise. Epic stuff coming up! No exact dates for the recordings yet, but things are brewing nicely!

We have parted ways with Lappis (aka Predator) due to his lack of motivation towards the band, as well as musical differences. He played guitar and formerly bass for the band during the last 9 years and also contributed writing some of the music for the last two albums. We wish him luck in his future endeavors!

We have one gig coming up, so we have wasted no time in recruiting a guitar player to fill in! We are already working with a guy who knows his stuff, and we'll see how things evolve from here. Exciting times! More details will follow soon(ish) - stay mental!




Time sure does fly. It's already 15 (!!!) years since we started this band. We sure were young and clueless, but none the less here we are, celebrating 15 Years of Madness with a few gigs, so why don't you come and raise a glass with us! See the Facebook event pages for further info. See you there!

31.01.2015 - Bar Zoom, Hyvinkää w/ Scarpath [Facebook]
21.02.2015 - PRKL Club, Helsinki w/ Sorrowed, Scarpath [Facebook]




All the albums are now available on our Bandcamp site. Everything from Infernal Maze (2006) to Devastating Return (2014). You can listen to them at the site for free, or download them in just about any given digital format. Just click on the banner above and play it loud! Cheers!




We will play a gig in Dublin on October 18th. The venue is Fibber Magees and joining us will be Thy Worshiper, Praesepe, Scimitar and Risen. We will prepare a special set including a lot of new stuff. See you there!

Here's the Facebook event.




The new album will be released on May 30th 2014 through Violent Journey Records.

Read all about it here!

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Witheria press release - 12 January 2014

I - New album: "Devastating Return"

The fourth album will be titled "Devastating Return". It was recorded in September/October 2013 at the SoundSpiral Audio in Kouvola, Finland and contains 8 songs and 40+ minutes of progressive and aggressive metal, pushing Witheria's trademark sound even further. We are looking for a record label to release this opus in 2014 - all interested labels should get in touch!

II - Line-up complete!

As Lappis is now concentrating on guitar, we have been looking for a bass player to complete the line-up. We are proud to introduce Max Pekkonen as the new bass player in Witheria. Max also plays guitar in The Jasser Arafats and fits our line-up perfectly with his strong bass playing skills and superb musicianship. We are now ready to take over the stage once again! Want to book us on a gig? Get in touch!

III - Thrown Down the Well

Here's the first teaser "Thrown Down The Well" from the upcoming album:

- Witheria (Tuberculosis, Markus, Lappis, Max, Rob)

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Major announcement - 13/03/13

It's been over a year now since the last update, but here it is - What's going on in the Witheria camp!

I - Line-up changes

J. Warhead decided to quit Witheria in early 2012, due to his lack of motivation. This happened in a mutual understanding and we wish him the best of luck in his ongoing endeavours. We did not start seeking a new guitar player at this point, but concentrated in the songwriting instead. During the songwriting process it became clear that Lappis "the Predator" would switch from bass to handling the second guitar. This is very natural move for him and for the band, since he is an extremely talented guitar player, has been playing guitar in Nowen (and other bands) for ages, and his role as a songwriter for Witheria has lately been increasing.

II - New album

Yes, we are going to record a new album. During the last year or so, we have been busy writing new material for our fourth album. We are now working on 8-9 titles that we want to get absolutely crushing and ready for the recording sessions that will be taking place early autumn this year for a late 2013 / early 2014 release. The material is varied as always, with some old tricks and new twists to keep you breaking your neck!

III - Looking for a bass player

Due to aforementioned line-up changes, we are now looking for a bass player to complete our new line-up. We hope for a metal loving, hard thrashing individual, who can handle his/her bass and does not fear odd time signatures. We operate from Southern Finland in Finnish, so that's a must. If you're interested in the position, go to where you can find all our albums and links to contact us.


Witheria (Tuberculosis, Kusmar, Lappis, Rob Diver)


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